Commercial Construction

This project was constructed in the historic “Navy Yard” next to the waterfront in Washington, DC. It is a condominium and mixeduse facility constructed for Forrest City/PN Hoffman, working as a subcontractor for Clark Construction. The challenges were many and formidable on this job. A. H. Beck installed 25,000 linear feet of 12- inch auger cast pile over the existing Metro Tunnel. Additionally, A. H. Beck installed approximately 18,000 linear feet of 16-inch auger cast pile, utilized more than 7,000 linear feet of permanent casing, and completed a total of nine load tests for finalizing the design.


TAMU HSC – GAL Project consisted of the installation of (196) 18in dia. x 65ft long Auger Cast Piles and 32 Pile Caps to support the anticipated addition to Texas A&M’s already existing Gross Anatomy Lab. 9 out of the 196 piles required a maximum of 3ft of horizontal clearance from pile center to the existing GAL building. The project’s available footprint was approx. 14,000sqft. In the early stages of the project the jobsite required SIMOPS with an Excavator and a Soil Nailing operation which reduced the jobsite footprint dramatically.


A.H. Beck was originally contracted to install 605 auger cast piles (ACPs) 18 inches in diameter and 70 feet long, and 120 drilled shafts 18 inches in diameter and 85 feet long to support the new building structure. A.H. Beck’s team of engineers worked with the owner’s engineers to alleviate concerns with drilling ACPs close to existing structures and formulated a redesign to support the entire project on 729 ACPs 18 inches in diameter and 70 feet and 100 feet long. In making this change the project saved significant dollars and schedule. Two ACP piles (one at 70 feet and one at 100 feet) were tested using high strain dynamic load testing to confirm the load carrying capacity. The project was completed under budget and 1 ½ months ahead of schedule.


The UHS New Tower Project is one component of the UHS Capital Improvement Program scheduled to be completed in 2014. The New Tower consisted of 364 drilled shaft foundations that support the new 12 story hospital facility and canopy structures. The average drilled shaft length was 70 ft. with the diameters ranging from 24 to 72 inch. The majority (70%) of the drilled shafts were installed inside of a 30 ft. deep mass excavation.


This project consisted of constructing 256 drilled shafts, 48 to 72 inches in diameter, up to 75 feet in depth for the Sandia Resort and Casino Parking Garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The soil conditions consisted of sand and clay material. A.H. Beck sequenced the project in a manner to where A.H. Beck had the ability to pour up to 400+/- cubic yards of concrete a day. A.H. Beck completed the scope of the contract approximately one month ahead of schedule.

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