Location: Washington, DC

This project was constructed in the historic “Navy Yard” next to the waterfront in Washington, DC. It is a condominium and mixeduse facility constructed for Forrest City/PN Hoffman, working as a subcontractor for Clark Construction. The challenges were many and formidable on this job. A. H. Beck installed 25,000 linear feet of 12- inch auger cast pile over the existing Metro Tunnel. Additionally, A. H. Beck installed approximately 18,000 linear feet of 16-inch auger cast pile, utilized more than 7,000 linear feet of permanent casing, and completed a total of nine load tests for finalizing the design.

During construction, A. H. Beck encountered numerous existing pile, sheet piling, beams and other construction debris. Additionally, they discovered an artesian water condition that was previously unknown. It took a great deal of collaboration with the Contractor and Designers to ultimately install a finished product within the time constraints for completing the project on schedule.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Clark Construction

OWNER: Forrest City/PN Hoffman



pic 1 parcel pic 2 parcel pic 3 parcel