Location: Houston, TX

A.H. Beck was originally contracted to install 605 auger cast piles (ACPs) 18 inches in diameter and 70 feet long, and 120 drilled shafts 18 inches in diameter and 85 feet long to support the new building structure. A.H. Beck’s team of engineers worked with the owner’s engineers to alleviate concerns with drilling ACPs close to existing structures and formulated a redesign to support the entire project on 729 ACPs 18 inches in diameter and 70 feet and 100 feet long. In making this change the project saved significant dollars and schedule. Two ACP piles (one at 70 feet and one at 100 feet) were tested using high strain dynamic load testing to confirm the load carrying capacity. The project was completed under budget and 1 ½ months ahead of schedule.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Building Concrete Solutions

OWNER: University of Houston