Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

This section of the new Carolina Bays Parkway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina crosses over SC 544. A. H. Beck Foundation Co., Inc. and Applied Foundation Testing offered an alternate foundation design utilizing Beck’s patented post grouting process, “Post Stressed Pier” US Patent No. 6,371,698. The Post Grouted Shafts were implemented as a value added alternate to conventional drilled shafts. The use of the Post Grouted Shafts resulted in a savings of up to 25 feet per shaft. The final design called for 10 - 54” diameter shafts 66 feet in depth. The first production shaft was instrumented and a full scale load test was run using AFT’s 2000 ton Statnamic testing device for design verification and to establish the grouting criteria.

ENGINEER: Wilbur Smith and Associates / The LPA Group