Location: Caddo Parish, LA

A. H. Beck Foundation Company was contracted to install the drilled shaft foundations and load test program for the Louisiana Department of Transportation’s new I49 highway project for two at grade road crossings North of Shreveport. The project consisted of 66” diameter drilled shafts 80’ deep installed in the high water table alluvial soils adjacent to the Red River. After installing an Osterberg load test program on the project, it was determined that due to the extensive variability of the founding soils the shafts would need to be deepened an additional 20 feet in length.

In order to save the DOT the expense of the greater depth, A. H. Beck proposed to Post Grout the drilled shafts and maintain the original shaft lengths. Working in conjunction with Phil King P.E., with Synchro-Pile, A. H. Beck installed and grouted the shafts with substantially less additional cost to the owner.


OWNER: Louisiana DOT