Location: Victoria, TX

At the Port of Victoria Tank Farm Project, A. H. Beck’s scope included turn-key engineering and construction services for three 87’ diameter Crude Oil tanks, one 55’ diameter Slop Oil tank, and one 55’ diameter Fire Water tank. A. H. Beck’s design called for the installation of Soil Cement Columns (SCC’s) to minimize the settlement across the foundations of the tanks. The highly variable soils at the site presented unique challenges. For example, the soils varied from highly expansive clays that had to be replaced, to fine clean sands requiring the use of a Bentonite Slurry excavation technique.

A. H. Beck’s knowledge and expertise was validated by its ability to engineer and develop a method to overcome extraordinary site conditions and meet the fast track project schedule. A. H. Beck’s performance was commended by the owner for providing a timely, turnkey product without sacrificing quality and job safety.

CONTRACTOR: Willbros Downstream

OWNER: GeoSouthern Oil & Gas