Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

For the construction of a new overpass on PR-27 Ave. Barbosa in San Juan Puerto Rico the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation had concerns with building the abutments on the weak soils present at the surface. One option was to surcharge load the soils for a long period of time to escalate the consolidation that would occur. Several of the concerns with this option was the existing building adjacent to the right of way and the possibility of getting movements in these structures from the surcharge load.

In lieu of the surcharge loading A. H. Beck was contracted to install 2528 Vibro Concrete Columns (VCC) 600mm (24 inch) in diameter to the stiff underlying soil at a depth of 12.2m (40 feet). VCC’s are constructed by vibrating a Flot down to the dense soils and then pumping concrete through the fFlot as it is retracted. The VCC improves the existing soil by putting lateral pressure on the soil as the Flot progresses down as well as transmit the embankment fill load down to the stiffer soil through the concrete column. By using A. H. Beck and this method the project was able to be built faster with no impact to the surrounding structures.


INSPECTION: Puerto Rico Department of Transportation

OWNER: Puerto Rico Department of Transportation