Location: Whiting, IN

The Whiting Refinery Modernization Project included the installation of 37 SynchroPiles™ underneath live, operational pipe racks in BP’s 12 Pipe Still Unit. These 35’ deep SynchroPiles™ were constructed with only 13 feet of head room. A test pile extending 8 feet above ground and 6 drilled shafts, including a shaft requiring concrete coring were also constructed. A. H. Beck maintained an exceptional safety record of zero incidents and performed in adherence to the contractor’s demanding schedule. A. H. Beck’s installation methods proved to be successful in minimizing risks associated with constructing foundation elements in areas with high LEL counts. A. H. Beck’s SynchroPile™ installation within the live unit minimized the unit’s down time required to change out the existing pipe racks, saving the owner time and money. A. H. Beck’s exceptional performance in safety, budget, quality, and schedule is what made this project a big success for both the contractor and owner.