Location: Sweeny, TX

This project consisted of 119 auger cast-in-place piles (ACIP) for a new pipe rack supporting large diameter pipe sections as well as multiple specific unit expansions. All work was performed and completed inside an operating plant facility utilizing a combination of restricted access, low head clearance and conventional hydraulic ACIP piling equipment. The soil conditions at the project site consisted of layered very dense sand and soft clays which required special installation procedures and quality control during production piling. The strict environmental restrictions present at the facility required that all spoils, grout and water be contained in roll-off boxes to prevent possible contaminated materials to be dispersed across the working area and to nearby drainage ditches. A total of 2 drilling rigs worked continuously at the site to meet the project schedule. A. H. Beck was given extra work beyond the original scope including drilled shafts and pump can foundations installed using low clearance drilling equipment.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: PCL Industrial Construction Co.

INSPECTOR: Fugro Consultants, Inc.

OWNER: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Inc.