Location: Charleston, SC

A. H. Beck Foundation Company worked with Cape Romain Contractors to construct two bridges on SC-171. The two bridges included a 825 ft. bridge spanning Folly Creek and another bridge 1,050 ft. over the Folly River. Each span was supported by two 72 inch drilled shafts x 80 to 100 feet deep. The shaft installation method specified permanent steel casings set approximately 70 feet deep, keying into the Cooper Marl. The drilled shaft was drilled into this Cooper Marl formation an additional 15 to 40 feet deeper than the casings. All work was performed using an A. H. Beck Crane Attached drill unit mounted to an American 9299 crawler crane. The majority of the drilled shafts were reached by barges.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Cape Romain Contractors, Inc.

INSPECTION: SC Department of Transportation

OWNER: SC Department of Transportation