Location: Leroy, AL

Charles Lowman Power Plant • Limited Access Micro Piling Project The project was confined to the alley way of Charles R. Lowman Power Plant in Leroy, Alabama. The SCR and ductwork foundations were a part of the coal fired plant’s air quality control additions. Due to settlement concerns of the existing adjacent booster fan foundations the micropiles needed to be installed with minimal vibration. In order to maintain the integrity of the existing foundations 100 LF of permanent casing was installed in each of the 32 piles down to the limestone formation at elevation –65.00.

The permanent casing also helped stabilize the piles in the alluvial soils and prevented the intrusion of the artesian water present at location. The micropiles were all reinforced with a single no. 18 Williams’ Bar centrally located within the pile, and had 5000 psi grout, batched on the site, pumped to the bottom of the pile. A load test was performed on the piles to ensure the designed uplift requirements were achieved for the piles.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Continental Construction Company, Inc. OWNER: Alabama Electric Cooperative (AEC)