Location: Gulfport, MS

The 2006 Katrina Supplemental Community Development Block Grant Project at the Gulfship, LLC ship building facility in Gulfport Mississippi consisted of 514 – 72” diameter cement soil mix columns to support a new ship launching facility. Due to stiff clays in the upper portions of the soils A. H. Beck elected to utilize the TCM method of installing the cement soil columns.

A conventional high torque hydraulic drill attachment mounted on a 110 ton LS218HII Linkbelt crane was used to excavate the material. During this process the excavation is supported with a bentonite drilling fluid until the soil cement mixture is pumped back into the excavation. Once the soil is removed from the excavation it is mixed with exact proportions of cement and water in a specially design Davis Pugmill. The mixture is then replaced into the excavation with a 5” line and pump capable of pumping 100 yards per hour. 

CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: Boddin Enterprises, Inc.


OWNER: Edison Chouest Offshore