Location: Ingleside, TX

A. H. Beck Foundation Company worked with CCC Group near Aransas Pass, TX to construct a cutoff wall underneath an existing graving dock at Gulf Marine Fabricator’s facility. 103 – 40” diameter secant piles with a 7” overlap were installed as deep as 51 feet from the basin floor. The basin floor’s elevation was 35 feet below sea level, and approximately 47 feet below the surface of the relieving platform. Sectional casings were utilized during the installation of the piles through a porous hash material to impede water flow beneath the graving dock gate. A. H. Beck’s ability to perform, even when confronted with unexpected obstacles, was exhibited when areas that required drilling through existing concrete and grout installed by previous contractors’ attempts to impede the water flow through the porous hash material. Despite these challenges along with a tight schedule, A. H. Beck Foundation Company completed job on schedule and with zero safety incidents.

OWNER: Gulf Marine Fabricators