Location: Houston, TX

Project consisted of two 12 foot diameter drilled shafts 130 feet deep. While the majority of the structures were constructed with a pile cluster/footing foundation, two piers required single large diameter drilled shafts due to the limited width of the construction zone and to eliminate the differential settlement of the embankment. A. H. Beck worked with Dorsett Brothers Concrete Supply, Doran Steel, TNT Crane & Rigging, and PumpCo to manufacture a 12’ diameter auger, mix 3000 Bbl of bentonite mineral slurry, set 12’ diameter x 20’ long permanent casing and excavate the 12’ diameter x 130’ deep slurry displaced drilled shaft.

Steel plate templates were furnished to facilitate the tying and placing of a 75,000 lb reinforcing cage with 40 #18 bars. A 7 sack concrete was designed with admixtures to maintain a minimum 4” slump for the duration of the pour. 625 CY was batched, delivered, and placed in less than 4 hours with the use of two articulated boom pumps pumping into two 12” tremie pipes.

ENGINEER: Texas Department of Transportation