Location: Stafford, TX

This was a multi-phased project to allow this heavily traveled roadway to continue in service throughout the reconstruction. A. H. Beck utilized a combination of hydraulic and friction cranes with capacities ranging from 20 tons to 140 tons. Drill rigs included crane attachments, European style IMT rigs, and track mounted rigs manufactured by A. H. Beck. Temporary casing was installed and extracted with a vibratory hammer in the top portion of the slurry displaced shafts which were exposed to install the precast retaining wall panels.

Many of the reinforcing steel cages were constructed and placed in multiple sections because there was not enough working room to construct and hoist the entire cage in one piece. Every phase of the project was completed prior to the milestone date of the project schedule.

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Texas Sterling Construction L.P.

OWNER: Texas Department of Transportation