Location: Miami, FL

This challenging project required large diameter drilled shafts to be installed at all four corners of the very busy intersection at NW25th St and SR-826 in Miami, FL. The foundations support a fly-over to span SR-826. At each corner, a 96” Drilled Shaft was installed on the ramps to the overhead highway, working around the clock through the weekends. The total project had 5 production drilled shafts – four 96” in diameter with depths from 75 feet to 85 feet, and one 96” x 116 foot test shaft. Each shaft has permanent steel surface casing, and was installed using mineral slurry due to the highly variable sands and limestone elevations. Each shaft was inspected using the Mini-SID (Shaft Inspection Device) and CSL tests to verify shaft integrity. A.H. Beck Foundation drilled the shafts using a Bauer B-36 (367-kNm torque) Rotary Drill custom fitted by A.H. Beck Foundation to a Liebherr 883 crane. 

OWNER: Florida Dept. of Transportation

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Astaldi Construction