Location: Carmi, IL

A. H. Beck Foundation Company assisted North American Shaft Drillers on the White County Coal Corporation’s Pattiki II Mine Shaft, which is a new ventilation shaft for the Pattiki Mine. A. H. Beck installed steel casing, 11.5’ x 150’ in a shaft excavated entirely with 5000 bbls of bentonite slurry. All of the slurry was mixed and processed onsite. Two corrugated liners, 18’ x 10’ and 15’ x 30’, were also set and grouted. The primary shaft was drilled through sandy clays, sand, silts, sand and gravel, to reach shale bedrock.

The bedrock was penetrated 4’ to ensure the permanent casing was secure. The permanent casing was delivered in 30’ sections and assembled on site. The entire 150’ casing string weighed 167,000 pounds, and was set with a Grove 550 ton and a Liebherr 250 ton crane. Once the casing was on bottom, it was grouted in stages all the way to the surface. After the grout cured, the bentonite slurry was pumped out of the shaft, and the dry excavation turned over to North American Shaft Drillers who completed the borehole to its final depth of 700’.